Sustainable Tomorrow

Ancient Wisdom For Sustainable Tomorrow

Ancient Wisdom For Sustainable Tomorrow

The solution to Sustainable Future Lies in the Past

Time has changed, certainly changed. With that has transformed our habits, our lifestyles, and our social orientation. With the adoption of new civilizations, the development we see today has led towards the dead-end of sustainable living. Yes, you read it right: The Dead End… This is because, after industrialization, we humans have progressed in terms of the technological advancements, scientific discoveries, economic and financial growth, but what about nature and our very own lifestyle. Have they advanced? Well, the picture seems much blurred here. 

Will we be able to sustain our coming Generations?

The only thing that had to be constant everywhere in the universe is the term sustainable living. Our ancestors could pass on an environment with a low level of pollution and a lifestyle that did not make us an object for deadly diseases that ensured our sustainable life. Now the question arises, can we do the same for our coming generations? If we do a careful analysis of how our ancestors lived, we cannot deny the fact that they lived a better life than we do and the quality of life we lead today matches nowhere from that of them. Today the world can be attributed to many problems like:

  • The growing number of Diseases 
  • Unmanaged and stressful lives
  • Degradation of the world’s natural resources
  • Climate Changes

These global challenges have put a question mark on passing on a liveable life to our upcoming generations. Simple lifestyle, contented souls and the environmental concern that our ancestors had led our generations to such a long way. How about exploring what made their lives so easy and what we are missing today?

What are we missing Today?

We certainly have developed good medical facilities worldwide but ironically we are suffering from chronic diseases that we can attribute to the modern conveniences of today. Such diseases were unheard of during the time of our ancestors. We can see not only the old or middle-aged suffering from killer diseases but teenagers and toddlers as well. The lifestyle of our ancestors enhanced their quality of life. They had healthy lifestyles and led a happy life. If we peek into today’s scenario, there are a lot of things that have changed and surely not for our betterment. Let us have a look at what all has gone wrong and how it can be improved.

Access to fresh and organic food products

The diet of our ancestors consisted of farm-fresh food products throughout their lives. They believed in nature and accepted what it offered to them. Decades ago our ancestors were not exposed to the amounts of manmade toxins we are today. 6,000 new chemicals are listed each week in the Chemical Society’s Chemical Abstracts, which adds up to more than 300,000 new chemicals each year. These chemicals become dangerous when inhaled, ingested or touched. The staples, spices, fruits, and vegetables that we consume today contain these harmful chemicals and pesticides leaving room for many health problems.

Pollution-less, toxic-free Environment

Our ancestors had access to fresh and unpolluted air, and the right amount of sunlight. But we rarely go out to get fresh breath and our life is mechanical. And today, we need air-purifiers to clean the air. Besides, the products we use in day to day lives are completely made of plastic material that becomes the major source of many of our health-related issues. Even our environment is missing out a lot on sustainability because of our anti-eco attitude and actions.

Heart of Life – Ayurveda

The Ayurveda is one of the oldest forms of medical literature that contains a wealth of knowledge on health sciences. This ancient healthcare system enabled our ancestors to focus on life, longevity and their overall well-being – be it physical, mental or spiritual. For instance, they used herbal methods and natural remedies to cure their ailments. To cleanse their body and maintain positivity they used copper vessels. They preferred drinking water in copper vessels to boost their immune system and fight off the bacteria.

Natural exercises and inner-self

In earlier times, people put a lot of emphasis on engaging in physical activities and this practice helped their body to develop and grow resistant to diseases. Unlike the current hectic lifestyle, our ancestors led a peaceful and systematic life which prolonged their lifespan. Several religious texts like Katha Upanishad, Bhagavad Gita, and Atharvaveda. On the concept of meditation and yoga, to create a union of the body and mind with the true nature of oneself. Unfortunately, today yoga is meant just to achieve one’s ideal body type and that too away from nature within closed doors. It is not a natural process anymore with the use of toxic yoga essentials instead of eco-friendly companions.

Let us go back to our Roots

Hygiene and cleanliness were present in old times as well. But, this did not refer to only brushing, washing and general morning ablutions. It included keeping your external environment, mind and the thought process as natural and clean. To sum up, all we need is to go back to our forefather’s lifestyle and inculcate their traits of simple living and high thinking. Only then will we attain a sustainable lifestyle and will be free of misery caused by our anti-eco attitude and actions.

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