1. What do you mean by Eco-friendly products?

Eco-friendly products are made keeping both environmental and human safety in mind. Following attributes qualifies a product to be eco-friendly:

  • Products those are originally grown without the use of any synthetic chemical,
  • Products those are recyclable, reusable and biodegradable,
  • Products with natural ingredients,
  • Products containing recycled contents, non-toxic chemical,
  • Products that do not harm or pollute the environment,
  • Products that have eco-friendly packaging i.e. reusable, refillable containers, etc.

2. How do I know if a product is eco-friendly?

Eco-friendliness and the overall quality of a product can be determined by a seal or logo (such as Energy Star, USDA Organic Seal, Green Seal) from an objective organization that has carried out quality tests and deemed it worthy of passing such a test. Producers must obtain certification from their respective national certification agencies.

Enable Nature has evaluated the products it sells and ensures that its customers undertake smart buying decisions. 

      3. Are eco-friendly products more expensive to buy?

Not necessarily. Some have been manufactured for less than the cost of conventional products, whereas some are expensive due to:

  • Labour-intensive production methods, Fair labour and ethical practices that cost more
  • Low Demand for eco-friendly products in comparison to traditional products
  • High certification cost

However, with more people turning to eco-friendly goods, green companies can scale up and costs can become lower subsequently.

4. Why do eco-friendly and natural products look dull?

Unlike synthetic products, natural products do not have artificial coloring, polishing or fragrance. These products may look dull or can be irregular in shape and size. We believe that these imperfections are the very proof of something being handmade and original in true sense. So let us feel more of the original vibe.

5. Why should we go for eco-friendly products when we are already experiencing convenience with traditional ones?

This convenience is short-lived as we have badly failed to realize the impact of chemicals that are used in making most of the traditional products. These additives can be absorbed by the skin, evaporate into the air or absorbed via the food or drinks we consume. Along with ill effects on humans, plastic waste is becoming a major cause of the destruction of ocean ecosystems and the wildlife and shortening animal lifespans.

We might have a better shot at living a quality life with health if you chose to go eco-friendly. We as consumers need to be well informed of the eco-friendly materials and there positive impact on the environment.

6. How is Enable Nature different from other brands?

At Enable Nature, our focus is to work towards developing sustainable solutions for the human lifestyle that will benefit our planet as well. We @Enable Nature believe that Quality vests where we believe in nature and that is why our eco-friendly and sustainable products are the smart choice for families everywhere.

7. How are Enable Nature’s products made?

We trust and support our farmers. Natural raw materials and ingredients such as bamboo, bamboo fiber, corn starch, wheat straw, etc. make our products unbeatable. We promote handmade, sustainable products that are completely naturally based and non-toxic to the environment as well as human lives.

8. What type of packaging material is used for my product?

Along with the product, our product packaging is non-toxic too. Packaging material is bio-degradable and plastic-free and its disposal is easy and safe. We ensure that our customers adopt a healthy manner of living that has a positive impact on the environment as well.

9. How long will my order take to get to me?

We generally ship the items within the time specified on the product page. Business days exclude public holidays and Sundays. Usually, it takes 3-10 business days. The estimated delivery time also depends on the destination to which you want the order shipped.

*Please note: Public holidays can cause delays, and are often on different dates around the country.

10. How do I check the current status of my orders?

Even though we try to ship your order the same day of order because we’re super excited about it, sometimes your order may take 48hrs time to process. As soon as your order has been dispatched from our warehouse, you will get a confirmation message including your tracking information.

11. How can I return my order? How will the refund get processed?

Enable Nature is committed to ensuring full customer satisfaction concerning the products available on our website, security & customer assistance. However, if you are not happy with the product, you can choose to return the order. In the case of international orders, we do not currently accept any returns or exchange of our products, except for those cases where a defective product has been delivered.

  • You are required to report the defect within 7 days of receiving the product by writing to us on contact@Theenablenature.com.
  • Our courier partner will collect the order from the address provided by you and will get it back to us. Customers need not pay any shipping charges to return the product.
  • We shall process the refund once we receive the product. The product must be in unused condition, in its original packaging along with its original tags and invoice, failing which refund may not be possible.
  • Once the refund process has been initiated, the amount will be directly refunded to your account via the same mode through which the transaction was made or through cheque.

12. Can I get my order exchanged?

We regret to inform that the exchange of products is not possible for the products bought from our website.