Bamboo Toothbrush ‘S’ Curve With Charcoal Bristles

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Enable Nature’s Elegant looking Bamboo  Charcoal Toothbrushes are complete eco-friendly dental hygiene choices with biodegradable handles. We also offer Bamboo Toothbrush with Charcoal bristles. Charcoal naturally has antibacterial and antifungal properties that help to fight the build-up of plaque and prevent tooth decay.

Enable Nature offers today’s toothbrush choice for health-conscious men, women, and children.

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Enable Nature’s Bamboo Toothbrush is simply designed to keep eco-friendliness in mind. These toothbrushes with Charcoal Bristles do not contain plastic in their handles and Bristles that make them an eco-friendly dental hygiene choice. You can clean your teeth and help to protect the planet, at the same time.

The antibacterial and anti-fungal properties of Charcoal help to clean and purify teeth and gums, reducing plaque, build up and odor-causing bacteria, and can even help whiten teeth.


Commonly found in water filters, activated charcoal is essentially a form of carbon that’s been treated to make the surface of its particles porous. All of those little nooks and crannies act like magnets for other particles (like the aforementioned dirt and oil) which it absorbs, allowing all of those unwelcome substances to be swept away when the charcoal is washed off.

Charcoal continues to be promoted as a potent natural treatment. Charcoal is an essential element of human life for more than 2000 years. Our Ancients use charcoal to keep themself healthy and keep various diseases and bacterias away. Activated charcoal’s negatively charged, porous texture helps trap toxins, preventing your body from absorbing them. Besides its application in water filtration and skin treatments, we explored it as an eco-friendly dental hygiene choice. Using activated charcoal to brush your teeth is said to whiten them, prevent tooth decay and gum disease.  It’s said to do as charcoal naturally has antibacterial, antifungal, and antiviral properties that help it to fight the build-up of plaque. Charcoal can Change the game drastically.

Use our Bamboo Toothbrush with Soft Charcoal Bristles and get various benefits :

  • Absorbs plaque: Charcoal has a naturally porous formation and when used in the mouth helps absorb bacteria and debris to effectively clean the teeth and gums. The charcoal absorbs and binds bacteria together and a microscopic level to reduce and remove from the mouth compared to a conventional toothbrush that merely scrapes and sweeps this away.
  • Reduces tooth staining/whitens teeth: Tea, coffee, red wine, and smoking are just some of the better-known causes of yellow teeth. The activated charcoal in the bristles of the brush absorbs the tannins that bind to your teeth and cause stains.  As it removes these through regular brushing your teeth appear whiter as the contaminants that age and darken them are removed. You can find a return to your natural color through a more natural method, no bleaching or cosmetic dentistry required. Charcoal is also known to be abrasive, which also helps remove the stains from the surface of teeth.
  • Aids in the Reduction of Bad Breath: The activated carbon-infused bristles also absorb the bacteria that cause bad breath. Unlike mints that mask the odor inside the mouth, a charcoal toothbrush eradicates the bacteria that create the smell, which results in a more satisfying after-clean feel.
  • Have biodegradable Bamboo handles: Our toothbrush handles are completely biodegradable made with Bamboo, so they won’t become a part of landfills like any other brush.
  • Antimicrobial in nature: Bamboo is naturally antimicrobial. This means that you need not worry about any germs developing on the surface.
  • Stylish and unique: Bamboo toothbrushes are just beautiful and cool-looking! Sorroundyouself with so much of uniqueness and elegance.
  • Make a Sustainable choice: Bamboo used is completely sustainably harvested. It is grown naturally, without any added chemicals or pesticides of any kind.
  • Kills Bacteria and Germs: Charcoal does more than simply remove gasses and chemicals that cause bad breath, it takes care of the source. These harmful bacteria are what eat away at our enamel and cause tooth decay, gingivitis, and other oral hygiene problems. The charcoal found in a charcoal toothbrush has the ability to absorb and destroy harmful bacteria and germs on a microscopic level for unparalleled cleaning. Since the charcoal eliminates germs they don’t stay alive on your toothbrush when you’re done brushing either to ensure you are not reintroducing germs into your mouth when you brush.


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