Hammered 99% Pure Copper Water Bottle with Diamond Cut

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According to Ayurveda water stored in a copper vessel can balance all the three doshas in our body, (Vata, Kapha, and pitta) and it does so by positively charging the water. The best part about this bottle is that the water in it never becomes stale and can be stored for long periods.

Get Ayurveda Blessing with Enable Nature’s Pure Copper Water Bottle…

Enable Nature’s Copper water Bottle is the perfect combination of Ancient Ayurveda wisdom and a modern elegant look. Our Pure Copper water  Bottle tends to provide multiple benefits to the human body besides improving the immune system and is a healthy alternative to toxic plastic bottles. Pure Copper Water Bottle water will keep you hydrated and will also be free from impurities that we are exposed to in our daily lives.

Always remember, PURITY IS NOT A LUXURY BUT A NECESSITY. Based on scientific evidence, the trace of copper metal in the human body will help it to function more effectively. Copper Water with Copper elements tends to poses antimicrobial and antibacterial properties that detoxify our body and have a positive impact on our immune and digestive systems. Even in ancient times, Indian ancestors used to store water and food in pure copper water bottles and vessels as this practice reduces the possibility of it being contaminated with bacteria.

Enable Nature’s Pure Copper Water Bottle is a healthy choice for everyday use, sports & office purpose, and traveling. Copper bottle is also a perfect gifting option for your dear ones.

Pure Copper Water Bottle Benefits:

The use of pure copper water bottles is recommended by Ayurveda, Doctors, and experts because of the multi-fold benefits it provides. According to Ayurveda, drinking copper-enriched water in the morning on an empty stomach helps balance all three Doshas in our body, (Vata, Kapha, and pitta) which then ensures the proper functioning of different organs and several metabolic processes. Other benefits of Pure Copper Water Bottle include:

  • Supports Immune System: Copper is known for its anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. Storing water in a copper bottle can decrease the risk of bacterial contamination in water and keep the body immune to water-borne diseases.
  • Helps in Weight Loss: Enable Nature’s Copper Bottle will also help you in reducing weight. It helps the human body break down fat and eliminates it more efficiently, thereby, helping your body keep only what it will use and throw out the rest.
  • Slows down aging: Copper has very strong anti-oxidant and cell forming properties that fight off free radicals and helps in slowing down Aging Process.
  • Improve digestive system Performance: Drinking water from Copper Bottle cleanses and detox your stomach, regulates the working of your liver and kidneys, and ensures the absorption of nutrients from food.
  • Lowers the Risk of Cancer: Copper has strong antioxidant properties that help fight free radicals that help cancer cells grow. Hence, it reduces the risk of cancer.
  • Maintains Body PH Level: Water stored in a copper vessel will also become natural alkaline water, which is believed to help balance your body’s pH levels.

How To Use Copper Bottle To Get Maximum Benefit?

Storing water in a copper bottle releases some of its ions in the water, through a process called the Oligodynamic effect. The results of scientific studies support the ancient ayurvedic practice of storing water in copper vessels. Significantly, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has registered copper as the only solid surface material able to kill bacteria that may pose a threat to human health.

So what is the right time to store water in Pure Copper Water Bottle and when to consume it?

  • Fill the copper bottle with water that is at room temperature overnight. Do not refrigerate it.
  • Drink copper water on an empty stomach in the early morning after brushing your teeth. Ensure that there is at least 10 minutes gap between brushing and drinking water.
  • One should always consume plain drinking water. Avoid the use of honey or lemon in copper-infused water as it causes an instant acidic reaction and even leads to nausea and vomiting.
  • Do not store water for more than 8-10 hours as this may increase copper intake in the body and lead to bad effects.

How to Clean Copper Water Bottle?

Don’t worry if you see the Best Copper Water Bottle getting tarnished or oxidized over time, as this is completely natural for Copper products. It can be easily removed by rubbing a lemon slice dipped in salt and rinsing it with plain water. Alternatively, you could also try using baking soda with water.

To clean the pure copper water bottle from the inside, just squeeze half a lemon into the bottle, add 1 tablespoon of salt, and 1/2 a cup of water to it. Close the lid and shake the mixture thoroughly. You will be amazed to see how your copper bottle is shining from inside too!


PLEASE NOTE: It is advisable by health experts to take a gap of one month after drinking copper water for two months continuously. This will help the system to remove excess copper if any from the body. Excess copper intake can cause severe nausea, dizziness, abdominal pain and can result in liver and kidney failure.


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750 ml, 950 ml

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    I personally loved using this copper bottle. It has got a lot of benefits for me plus i loved the design. Thank you Enable Nature

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