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Enable Nature presents scientifically designed tips of this wooden comb give your scalp a gentle massaging effect and enhance blood circulation which stimulates hair growth. Besides, Neem wood combs are nature friendly and completely bio-degradable. So even Nature is at no risk!

Benefits of Neem Combs

  • Distributes oil evenly and nourishes the scalp
  • Neem Wood Combs makes de-tangling easier and prevents breakage
  • Encourages hair growth by enhancing the blood flow to your scalp
  • Causes no hair damage as it is gentle on hair and scalp and prevents static hair like the plastic combs
  • Wooden Combs are easier to handle while plastic combs may slip from your hand while combing your hair.
  • Suitable for all hair types and age group


Usages of Wooden Combs

  • Start combing from the bottom and then move the comb to mid and upper part of your hair
  • Run the wooden comb gently through the scalp and ensure the tip of the wooden comb touches your scalp
  • Comb deeply twice a day to get the benefits of Neem wood combs



  • Keep Neem Wood Comb away from direct sunlight and water
  • Clean Wooden Comb with any Natural Oil (such as olive or coconut oil). DON’T USE WATER TO CLEAN THE COMB

PLEASE NOTE: Colour of the Product may vary as it is made of Natural Wood



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Detangling Neem Comb
Curvy Neem Comb for Detangling

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