Handcrafted 100% Pure Neem Wood Comb for Styling


Enable Nature brings you scientifically designed Neem Wood Combs that provide multiple benefits to your hair, scalp, and the planet. With medicinal properties, our Ayurveda Neem Wood Combs are anti-bacterial in nature that treats dandruff, prevents itchy scalp problems, and promotes hair growth.

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Neem Wood Comb (Rat Tail Comb)

Enable Nature brings you scientifically designed Neem Combs that provide multiple benefits to your hair, scalp, and planet. With medicinal properties, our Ayurveda Wooden hair Combs are anti-bacterial in nature that treats dandruff, prevents itchy scalp problems, and promote hair growth.

Not only it reduces hair fall, but the scientifically designed tips of this wooden comb give your scalp a gentle massage without any damage and enhance blood circulation which stimulates hair growth. Neem wood combs are environment-friendly and completely bio-degradable. So even nature is at no risk!

Why Choosing The Right Hair Comb Is Important?

We feel very happy and contented when we start our day with perfect hair and have a good hair day. But due to our stressful modern lifestyle, we have very little to no time towards taking care of ourselves. This leads to some common hair problems that include:

  1. Hair loss
  2. Dandruff
  3. Frizzy and Dull hair
  4. Slow hair growth
  5. Split Ends

However, changing our combs can help us a lot in overcoming these hair-related problems and maintaining our hair.

Enable Nature Neem Combs are an answer to help in creating a good hair life and hair quality. Using Neem Wood Comb is a natural, purest and herbal way of keeping your hair healthy!

Why Only Neem Wood Comb?

According to Ayurveda, Neem is a popular medicinal herb that is being used as a part of traditional remedies for hair care and improving hair quality. This wonderful herb is an apt example of how nature holds both the problem and the cure. Using Wooden hair Combs will transmit the following benefits of the neem plant:

  • Antifungal and antibacterial properties help eliminate dandruff and strengths your hair
  • Often used in natural shampoos and hair masks, it promotes hair growth and reduces hair fall
  • Neem’s high fatty acid content is extremely beneficial for scalp health and nourishment
  • Wooden hair combs are handcrafted and eco-friendly. They are non-toxic for you and the planet as well!

 How Enable Nature Neem Wood Combs Will Help You More?

  • Distributes oil evenly and nourishes the scalp.
  • Wooden Hair Combs make de-tangling easier and prevents breakage.
  • Encourages hair growth by enhancing the blood flow to your scalp.
  • Causes no hair damage as it is gentle on hair and scalp and prevents static hair like plastic combs.
  • Wooden Combs are easier to handle while plastic combs may slip from your hand while combing your hair.
  • Suitable for all hair types and age groups.

A Wooden hair Comb feels better on your scalp and makes your hair feel happy! Once you switch to Enable Nature Neem Wooden Hair Comb – you will never go back to plastic ones!

How to Use the Neem Wood Comb?

Neem Wood comb is highly recommended for curly or long hair as the teeth in plastic combs are generally not so thick and lead to hair loss. In order to prevent hair fall and hair breakage,

  • Start combing from the bottom and then move the comb to the mid part of your hair
  • Run the Neem wood comb gently through the scalp and ensure the tip of the wooden Hair comb touches your scalp
  • Comb deeply twice a day to get the benefits of Neem hair combs
  • Combing at night before sleeping will give immense results and improve hair quality and growth.

How to Clean Neem Wood Combs?

  • Dip a clean piece of cloth in any natural oil (such as olive or coconut oil) and then use it to clean your wooden comb.
  • Let the Neem hair combs soak up the oil overnight as this will increase the life of the hair comb.
  • Avoid using water to clean the comb as wood doesn’t react well to water and this may cause damage to the hair comb.

PLEASE NOTE: Taking a proper diet and following a proper hair care routine is also necessary for keeping your hair and scalp healthy. Using a wooden hair Comb will act as a supplement in the hair care process.

Enable Nature Neem Wood Combs are beautifully handcrafted and so are a perfect gift to your dear ones. Gifting the wooden hair comb signifies that you wish for longevity and good health for the recipient. Why use plastic combs, when you have a much healthier alternative made available by Enable Nature! Investing in the right hair accessories goes a long way in maintaining your crowning glory.

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