Pure Neem Wood Toothbrush “S” Curve

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Enable Nature presents classic Handmade Neem Wood toothbrush include Charcoal infused bristles that remove bacteria in a way that standard toothbrushes can’t. In Ayurveda, Neem is one of the most prized herbs. One of the most ingenious uses of neem plant has to be its use in oral care and hygiene.

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Neem Wood Toothbrush

Enable Nature brings you to home Herbal Neem Wood Toothbrush with charcoal bristles that are inspired by the goodness of Indian Ayurveda. Handmade and completely natural, our Neem Wood Toothbrush is made of neem plant and charcoal bristles. Before Toothbrush, our ancestors used neem twigs to brush their teeth in the morning. One of the most ingenious uses of the neem plant has to be its use in oral care and hygiene.

Our Eco-friendly Neem Wood Toothbrush is a traditional Ayurveda remedy to get white and healthy teeth. This is because Neem oils possess astringent and antiseptic properties that eliminate bad breath, destroy microorganisms to fight dental cavities. Activated charcoal’s negatively charged, porous texture helps trap toxins that prevent plaque build-up and tooth decay. It is this super-power of Neem and Charcoal which Enable Nature seeks to bring into Indian households through its Eco-friendly and SustainableNeem Wood Charcoal Toothbrush.

Why Neem Wood Toothbrush?

There is a scientific reason behind us choosing Neem Wood as the Handle for our Toothbrushes. Ayurveda’s most prized herb- Neem has medicinal properties that keep away all sorts of dental infections and diseases. In recent times, people have started focusing on oral health care and investing in healthy toothbrushes that give them stronger and healthier teeth.

  • Neem fights germs and bacteria: Neem Wood acts as a natural antibacterial agent. Due to its antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and antifungal properties, Enable Nature’s Neem Toothbrush will keep away dental infections and diseases.
  • Effective against plaque formation and gum infections: Because of our eating habits today, the chance of developing bacteria is high. Our Wooden Toothbrush with Neem Extracts helps to reduce bacteria development, stop its growth, and keeps your mouth clean and safe.
  • Strengths teeth and gums: It is a proven fact that Neem strengthens the gums and provides a stronghold for your teeth. It also prevents gum bleeding and gives healthy gums.
  • Whitens Teeth: Neem Toothbrush includes a handle made of Neem wood that’s one of the most natural and herbal ingredients. Neem helps to whiten teeth and removes the yellowish layer that no one wants to have.
  • Provides Fresh Breath: Neem not only cleanses your mouth but also leaves a fresh odor while removing the bad odor. So for a brighter smile, switch to our Neem Wood Toothbrush.
  • Eco-friendly and Sustainable Choice: Unlike Plastic Toothbrushes, Enable Nature’s Neem Toothbrush will take care of your oral health without harming nature and marine life.

Enable Nature’s Neem Wood Toothbrushes incorporates Charcoal Bristles. Free from BPA, our Wooden Toothbrush is truly a sustainable alternative to plastic toothbrushes. Activated charcoal’s negatively charged, porous texture helps trap toxins, preventing your body from absorbing them. Charcoal naturally has antibacterial and antifungal properties that help to fight the build-up of plaque and prevent tooth decay. Other benefits include:

  • Reduces tooth staining/whitens teeth
  • Aids in the Reduction of Bad Breath
  • Makes an Eco-friendly &Sustainable choice
  • Kills Bacteria and prevents Plaque

Saving Planet With Neem Wood Toothbrush

Conventional plastic toothbrushes are made of harmful plastic components. They not only have an adverse effect on the human lifestyle but also have a deeper impact on our biodiversity. Plastic Toothbrushes cannot be recycled and they take more than 400 years to decompose and they finally ending up in our oceans making marine life suffer.

Neem Toothbrush is completely the eco-friendly and sustainable choice that we as sensible consumers should make. Enable Nature’s Toothbrush is a natural, vegan, and cruelty-free toothbrush that is safe for both humans and the oceans.


Enable Nature’s Eco-friendly Neem Charcoal Toothbrush Is not only biodegradable in itself but also comes in attractive Eco-Friendly Packaging. Recyclable and compostable plastic-free packaging that will not have any negative impact on the environment and lead to zero-wastage.

Caring of Neem Toothbrush


There is a common misconception that to clean your teeth properly you need to brush hard. However, brushing too hard and ‘over-brushing can actually damage your gums and the bristles as well.

Enable Nature’s Neem Toothbrush has soft and flexible bristles that clean your teeth gently without causing any damage


Dentists recommend changing your toothbrush every 2-3 months, no matter what it is made of. This will help you maintain good oral hygiene.

However, do you want to give a second life to your Neem Wood Toothbrush? Here is how you can do so…


  • Upcycle and Re-use Your Neem Toothbrush

If you want to give Enable Nature’s Neem Wood Charcoal Toothbrush a second life, try 3Rs: Reduce, Re-use, Recycle. Once your dear wooden toothbrush has served its purpose, reuse it for cleaning purposes, art & craft, or as garden markers for your plants.

  • Remove the bristles and compost the handle

Pull the bristles out using pliers and recycle them using road-side collection services. Since the Neem handle is completely biodegradable, dispose of it in a commercial composting bin and it biodegrades within 6 months.

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