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Adorable Wheatstraw Coffee Mug 350 ml

$9.99 $5.99

In many agricultural processes, straw is treated merely as the agricultural waste that remains after grain or juice is extracted from crops. In effect of adopting best out of waste approach, Enable Nature offers Biodegradable Wheat Straw Mugs.

Light-weight, odorless Straw Mugs are chemical-free and can be used for both hot and cold beverages.

Bamboo sipper Mug

Enable Nature's Bamboo Sipper Mug are natural, long-lasting, reusable, organic and ultimately fully sustainable for the planet and the people. Besides bamboo fibers are naturally anti-bacterial without needing any toxic chemical treatment So own a classy and charming character with  Enable Nature’s Bamboo sipper Mug.

Bamboo Straw set of 6 Straw & Cleaning Straw

$9.99 $5.99

Aesthetically pleasing bamboo drinking straws are eye-catching and a fun accent to any drink.