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The Kansa Wand is quickly growing in popularity because of its ability to provide a toned look,
instantly. Our Kansa Wand is a Powerful tool of Ayurveda for healthy and glowing skin. It is a dome
shaped skin massaging tool that is designed to stimulate blood circulation.


• This Ayurveda inspired tool contains purifying metal that removes built-up toxins and gives a clear skin
• Kansa has alkaline properties that helps in balancing the pH level of our skin
• Massaging on regular basis will Nourish and revitalize the skin
• Helps to calm the mind, improve mental clarity & removes Stress
• Offers a natural facelift and tones facial muscles and makes you look younger


• First of all, apply a serum or oil to the body part and massage it in.
• Then, take the wand and start moving it in circular motions around the eye sockets, taking it across the forehead and then across the jaw area in upper strokes
• Use deep, slow and firm but gentle sweeping strokes to stimulate, lift and tone skin
• If you see a greyness appear on the skin, it only means that the kansa is working. It reflects a chemical reaction between the metal and the acid content on the skin as it heals


• When you first receive your Kansa Wand, we suggest washing it with a chemical free soap or Clay (Fullers Earth) Paste. Gently towel dry and begin use.
• After every use, apply a few drops of tea tree oil on a dry cloth and rub it over the wand to help sterilize it.
• Rinse in cold water and dry.


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Feet Kansa Wand
Ayurveda Inspired Kansa Foot Massager – 6.5 inches

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